Let’s Start with a Little History Lesson on Hublot

With a selection of high-end watches available in a variety of designs to suit any watch collector’s lifestyle, Hublot maintains its position as a market leader in this expanding sector. The Swiss watchmaker surrounds itself with a family of brand ambassadors that likewise take pride in being the finest in their own fields of expertise in order to showcase the elegance and practicality of its collection. Numerous well-known Hublot watches also serve as instances of successful partnerships with other illustrious companies, including Ferrari.

Hublot has amassed an astonishing collection of excellent examples from its modest beginnings in 1980. Many of these watches are now valuable collectibles. “What is the best Hublot watch?” We have compiled a list of the top 5 Hublot timepieces, including iconic designs and limited-edition collaborations that will live on in Hublot lore. As we dig deep into Hublot’s collection of automated timepieces, we also learn which Hublot timepieces are the most valuable investments and the most collectible. Visit Hublot’s online store to browse its selection of vintage and contemporary timepieces.


Retail Price: $300,000

The top Hublot x Ferrari timepiece to purchase: Technically and aesthetically, the MP-05 “LaFerrari” was created concurrently with the car by the Ferrari crews. They have a lot of things in common. This watch is closer to being a concept watch due to its ability to boast no less than 637 components for the movement, which is also fitted with a Tourbillon, as well as a power reserve of approximately 50 days thanks to its 11 barrels, which are arranged in a line similar to a spinal column and connected so that they do not each discharge in turn but support one another.

2. Big Bang Integral Tourbillion High Jewelry

Retail Price: $685,000

The Big Bang Integral Tourbillon High Jewelry unites everything that makes the brand unique and defines its identity in one piece: its automatic tourbillon caliber, which was entirely created and produced in-house as a Hublot skeleton movement; its stunning architecture adorned with 484 baguette-cut diamonds weighing a combined 31 carats; its fully integrated aesthetics from the case to the strap; and its 100% visible mechanics on the dial side due to the sapphire crystal.

3. MP-09 Tourbillion Bi-Axis

Retail Price: $200,000

The high watchmaking caliber HUB9009.H1.RA, a mechanical movement with manual winding and a 5-day power reserve, keeps the Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis watch ticking. It also has a bi-axial tourbillon that rotates once every 30 seconds for the second axis and once every minute for the first. As a result, the dynamic movement of this double tourbillon frame is immediately apparent and has an entertaining appearance.

4. Big Bang Unico Full Baguette King Gold Rainbow

Retail Price: $348,000

The Big Bang Unico Full Baguette King Gold Rainbow is a rainbow of vividly colored gemstones set against an 18ct pink gold background, evoking the summer sky after a storm. The green is subdued in chlorophyll to become soft, grip upon a vivid yellow, and blossom in a warm orange when red mixes into fuchsia to become ultraviolet, a tiny bit Klein blue, turquoise, the sky. 290 rare and fine gemstones create an audacious, bright, and happy spectrum surrounding the dial, which reveals the House’s signature movement, in an invisible closed setting.

5. Spirit Of Big Bang Sapphire

Retail Price: $153,000

The transparency trend swept through the Hublot collections, following the lead of the All Black idea, which quickly became a must-have style. The iconic barrel-shaped case of the Spirit of Big Bang is now transparent, following the MP-05 “LaFerrari” Sapphire and the Big Bang Unico Sapphire. Your eyes are directly exposed to the construction and movement of your watch once its ornamentation is rendered invisible.


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