Swatch and Omega come together for an innovative take on the legendary Speedmaster Moonwatch.

Outer space inspires a new collection of eleven BIOCERAMIC watches named after planetary bodies that will have you reaching for the stars.

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is legendary and a must-have for collectors. BIOCERAMIC Moon-Swatch collection makes the iconic design accessible to fans everywhere.

Below are some new models in a few different color variations:

Above: “Mission to the Sun”

The star of the collection in bright sun-brushed gold.

Above: “Mission to Mercury”

A tribute to the fast-moving winged messenger in deep grey.

Above: “Mission to Venus”

Celebrates the planet of love in powdery pink with oval subdials.

Above: “Mission on Earth”

A celebration of our precious planet in blue and green.

Above: “Mission to the Moon”

Follows the exact design and dimensions of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.

Only available in selected Swatch stores as of March 26.

These playful tributes to the planets celebrate the collaboration between the plucky company that saved the Swiss Watchmaking industry and the iconic maker of the Speedmaster Moonwatch. What makes this collection into orbit is the fusion of the most innovative Swatch BIOCERAMIC material with the key Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch design elements. There’s the asymmetrical case, the iconic ‘dot over ninety’ on the tachymeter scale, and the distinctive Speedmaster subdials.


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