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If you are a Rolex watch collector, it might be time to rotate your collection. If you have a pre-owned Rolex watch collecting dust in your closet, you can sell your luxury Rolex watch to a watch store like Modern Jewels for a fair price. When you wonder how much your pre-owned Rolex is worth, there are a few aspects that can help you answer this question. A luxury watch purchaser will pay attention to the following features when giving you a fair market quote to buy your watch:

The Reference Number

Every pre-owned or brand-new Rolex watch has a unique reference number. The reference number plays a part in how much you get for the sale of your watch. Certain pre-owned Rolex watches are worth more than others. The price is often determined by the reference number. For example, reference number 80318 is less expensive than reference number 81409RBR. This difference in value means you’ll receive less money for the less expensive watch. Sell My Pre-Owned Rolex Today

Condition Of The Watch

Your watch’s condition is another factor Modern Jewels will consider when we give you a quote for your pre-owned Rolex. If your watch has been well taken care of throughout the years, it’s probably in top-notch condition. The better the condition means more money for you when you sell your watch. A pre-owned Rolex covered in scratches and dings likely won’t get you the best price to sell it.  

The Material

The watch’s material also dictates how much it is worth. For example, if your luxury watch is made of yellow gold, you may receive less money on your sale than if it were 18k white gold. Modern Jewels considers this aspect, along with others when they give you a quote to buy your pre-owned Rolex watch. 

Special Features

Not all Rolex watches are created equal. Some pre-owned Rolex watches were designed with special features, such as diamonds set in the watch, GMT functions, Regatta Chronograph, and more. If your watch features any of these special features/functions, you’ll likely receive more money for your watch than if it had none. Diamonds and other special added features can drive up the price of your watch. This means more money in your pocket when you sell your pre-owned Rolex to Modern Jewels. 

See What Your Pre-owned Rolex is Worth!

When you’re ready, get in touch with us to see how much you can get for your pre-owned Rolex. Our professional sales team will be happy to contact you with a top-dollar quote to buy your luxury watch. You can either get started by visiting our “Sell & Trade” page and filling out a quick form, by calling us at +1 (215) 928-3777, or email us directly: We look forward to get in touch with you!



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