A Quick Guide to Selling Your Luxury Items:

We know that in today’s growing luxury watch & jewelry market, there are many factors that need to be considered before selling your luxury items, however not many people talk about where to sell your luxury items. In this article, we discuss important things you need to consider before you start selling:

Buyers With Little to None Online Presence

If you’ve listed a luxury watch or jewelry online either on social media platforms, selling groups, or other methods, you’ll eventually start getting responses from people online who may be potentially interested to negotiate or purchase from you. What you don’t know is, that some of these people could either be unreputable dealers or even worse, scammers.

Look out for the “online buyer” who has a limited online presence, it is not a great idea to sell your watch or jewelry to them. The lack of presence online may mean that this buyer is new to the luxury watch & jewelry online market, new to online buying, or even both. Either way, you should do your own research before discussing prices, who pays to ship the item, etc. With many other options out there, you should choose the luxury watch buyer that has a strong reputable online presence and is well-versed in this selling market. 

Selling Way Above Market Prices

When you list your luxury watch or jewelry for sale online, make sure you set a reasonable price for it. If your item is in mint condition, and/or you still have the original box, paperwork, certificates, etc, you may be able to sell your luxury item for a higher price than if it didn’t have those qualities. When it comes to selling your luxury watch or jewelry to a trust store like Modern Jewels, we may ask you these same questions in order to give you the most accurate and reasonable offer. However, If the price you try to sell your watch or jewelry for is much higher than what it’s actually worth, you won’t be able to sell it quickly, or at all. 

With that said how do you know what the right price is? Well, you can always key in the model number or reference number of your particular luxury item. In most cases, it is found either on the backside of your watch’s case, or if you’re having trouble, you can look up the exact item on the manufactures website, and copy that identification number. Paste this number online, either on eBay, Chrono24, 1stDibs, or other selling sites, and check to see what others have listed that item for, and what it has previously sold for.

Selling Your Watch Or Jewelry Without a Guarantee

This happens many times online, where sellers and buyers don’t confirm or guarantee the specific details of your deal and experience miscommunication, and mistrust of one another when it comes to the arrangements of shipping, payment upon delivery, or other important nuances. Although these issues are more likely to happen with buyers you haven’t dealt with before, you can rest assured that at Modern Jewels, we have a system that we follow to ensure our sellers understand how the buying/selling process works. To get an idea of how it works, please visit “Sell & Trade” or Get in touch with us to learn more.

Sell Your Luxury Items to Modern Jewels For Top Dollar Offers

After reading this quick guide on how to sell watches & jewelry online, you may be ready to get started by finding out the right prices and listing them online. If you’re looking for a trained professional to inspect your luxury goods and provide you with an accurate listing price, you’re in the right place.

Modern Jewels & Watches has extensive years of experience in the luxury watch & jewelry industry, and we’ve been Philadelphia’s go-to store for many years ongoing. In other words, our store provides you with easy answers to the questions you may have. As a result, our professional team is always ready to evaluate your watch or jewelry items and provide you with a top-dollar quote to purchase them. On top of that, you can get started right on our website no matter where you’re located!

If you’d like to send us pictures or send us more information: please email info@modern-jewels.com, or call us at (215) 928-3777 today!



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