What Will A Rolex Cost?

A Rolex can be purchased for anywhere between $6,500 and $75,000 MSRP. Materials, new trends, collection appeal, and complications all have an impact on cost. The majority of Rolex watches cost between $7,000 and $12,000 MSRP on average. The majority of those references are comprised of two-tone and stainless steel watches.

What A Rolex Is Worth in 2022

In that consumers almost always either keep the value of their watch or expect it to increase in value, Rolex is highly unusual. Even for vintage Rolex watches, this is true. Popular Rolex watches like the Hulk, Pepsi, or stainless steel Daytonas might sell for 100–200% more than they would have cost new.

Pricing For All Models & References For Rolex In 2022:

Reference 124060$8,950
Reference 126610LN$10,100
Reference 126610LV$10,600
Reference 126613LB$14,700
Reference 126613LN$14,700
Reference 126618LB$37,950
Reference 126618LN$37,950
Reference 126619LB$40,650

How Much Is A Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust collection is the most versatile from the brand and is debatably the most recognizable timepiece from Rolex. Due to the fact that Datejusts contain references to both men and women, prices vary greatly. Therefore, the price of a Rolex Datejust will range from $7,200 to $14,800.

The Datejust is available in a wide variety of sizes, dial designs, and materials, which accounts for its wide price range. The most popular Datejusts for men often come in the 41mm size and come with either stainless steel or a gold fluted bezel (ref. 126333). (ref. 126300).

Reference 126200$7,250
Reference 126300$8,150
Reference 126234$8,750
Reference 126334$10,000
Reference 126203$11,250
Reference 126233$11,350
Reference 126201$11,550
Reference 126303$13,450
Reference 126333$13,550
Reference 126301$13,850
Reference 126331$13,950
Reference 126231$14,800

How Much Is A Rolex GMT Master II

A Rolex GMT Master II costs between $10,750 to $39,350. The materials used to make the watches in the GMT Master II range affect the price. The GMT Master II is available in two-tone and stainless steel finishes. The two most popular watches in the GMT Master II line, the Pepsi (ref. 126710BLRO) and Batman (ref. 126710BLNR), maybe had up to 100% of MSRP.

Reference 126710BLRO$10,750
Reference 126710BLNR$10,750
Reference 126720VTNR$11,050
Reference 126711CHNR$15,250
Reference 126719BLRO$39,350
Reference 126715CHNR$39,350

How Are Rolex Watches Priced?

Although new Rolex watches can be purchased for up to $75,000 and start at roughly $5,000, the majority of watches sold are between $7,001 and 12,001. Although that sum of money is not insignificant, in the world of luxury watches, it is nearly standard. When compared to other watch brands, one might argue that a Rolex isn’t that pricey. However, when you take into account their value, they become less of a cost and more of an investment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on our website, or visit our online store to see available options!


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