A mechanical watch can do more than just display the time. In addition to being a pure representation of classical engineering with a fascinating history, these watches are also often associated with human stories that elevate their sentimental value over their monetary value. A good mechanical clock can be handed down from generation to generation if it is properly maintained. It’s not difficult to maintain a watch properly, especially if you are passionate about it or feel a strong emotional attachment to it.

Clean Your Watch as Frequently As You Can

To get rid of any dust or grime, wipe the band and the case with a gentle cloth. Every few months, soak the watch in soapy water (follow these instructions) to remove the grime.

Regular Maintenance Checkups

No matter how long your warranty is, you should service your watch every two or three years. Make sure to identify problems before they become a problem. Call us at +1 (215) 928-3777 right away; our staff are on duty and would be pleased to help you out right away. You can also email us at info@modern-jewels.com.

Avoiding Magnetic Devices

Some of you might not be aware that putting your watch close to a magnet can impede its ability to keep time. Magnetic devices such as wireless chargers, computers, or any other device that may use magnetic properties to function should be avoided as much as possible to prevent any unwanted damage, and preserve your watch’s ability to keep the perfect time.

Be Aware of Your Watch’s Water Resistance Level

Some watch wearers push their watches past their safe limitations because they are unaware of them. Even if your watch is 50 meters water resistant, it is not advisable to wear it when snorkeling. The sudden change in pressure can be too much for your watch to manage if it can’t tolerate the depths. The best course of action is to avoid splashing water on your watch if it is not water resistant. You should avoid getting your leather watch strap wet if your watch has one since water can degrade leather. Study up on watch water resistance.

Be Gentle on Your Crystal

Although this is very clear, it is nonetheless significant and worth addressing. Make every effort to avoid slamming your watch’s crystal against a wall or any other items that can scratch it.

Preserve Your Box For Added Protection

It’s ideal to store your watch in the box it came in when not wearing it. There is always the chance that the watch could get scratched if it is set on its side or on the crystal. The watch box is designed to protect the watch and keep it secure.

Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Harmful Sun Rays

Your watch’s color may deteriorate in the sunlight. Additionally, heat can reduce battery life, so it’s best to avoid exposing your watch to direct sunlight.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals & Acidic Substances

The bad news includes cleaning supplies, oils, cologne, and perfume. Particularly perfumes can weaken and even rip leather bands, causing harm. Before putting the watch on your wrist after applying fragrance or perfume, give it time to thoroughly dry. The last item you should put on when getting ready is your watch, just like your pricey diamond jewelry (before your jacket). Use gentle cleaners rather than strong ones to clean your watch. Better is simpler. For assistance, go to our jewelry cleaning instructions.

Never Open Your Watch on Your Own

Let our experienced personnel handle this. It’s best to leave this to a trained professional because opening your watch exposes it to dust, grime, and other particles that could get within the movement, and of course, scratches. You can message us for a service appointment by clicking this link.

Go Over Your Watch’s Manual

Most likely, these techniques can be used to take care of any high-end watch. There are several pieces of advice, nevertheless, that are particular to each watch and are almost certainly stated in the watch handbook.

A luxury mechanical watch should be treated with the utmost respect and care because it is expensive and full of memories. These ten suggestions will help your watch last until you can pass it down because a piece like that deserves our love and care.


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